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Building Your Business - Get Out From Behind Your Computer

If you are at the ramp up phase of building your business, let me share the single most valuable piece of advice I can give you:

Get out from behind your computer and meet people!

Many new business owners struggle with many marketing concerns such as naming their business, constructing a website or picking the best niche. But in truth, the most effective steps you can take for building your business is to network like crazy
and speak to groups.

I'm talking about getting out to network at least three to four times per week. You also want to speak before groups as frequently as possible. Both of these marketing tools give the people you meet a personal experience of you.

When I started my practice way back when, I didn't only attend my own BNI meeting, I went to several others. I went everywhere I thought I could find business professionals since that was my target.

When I was shaking hands and someone said, "Oh wow, that sounds interesting. Can I have your card?" I would say, "Yes and better yet, let me give you my workshop flyer as well. I'm having a workshop next week. You should come and join me."

It's really about getting out there in a big way and staying positive when you are building your business. Many times people are hesitant to get out from behind the computer and talk to people. It somehow feels safer to work at your desk. But, you've got to shake hands and pass out flyers to generate the number of "get acquainted" calls you need to get new clients and grow your practice.

Today people are inundated with emails and tweets, so the best connection is to look into a person's eyes and make a direct connection in order to ramp up quickly. If you hide behind your computer, emailing your list and hoping your new website generates enough leads, that is going to slow down your progress for building your business.

Of course, I'm not suggesting that you give up those other marketing tools, because they are very effective too. But, they become much more impactful as your list grows and you're business is established. During the initial start up phase, you cannot beat personal contact for attracting the clients you need and building your business.

Your Client Attraction Assignment:

How is your networking plan shaping up? What do you have scheduled? Where can you go to find new groups and unexplored networks for even more exposure? When you can attend 3-4 networking opportunities a week, on a regular basis, you know you are on your way to filling your practice and achieving the success you deserve.

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