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Facts About Inpatient Rehab

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab

    • Inpatient rehab often is used in cases of alcohol and drug addiction, as it removes addicts from the negative atmosphere and the temptations of their former lives while they attend therapy sessions and perhaps go through a detox program.

    Physical Therapy

    • Inpatient physical therapy most often involves people with serious trauma, such as burn victims, or injuries or surgeries that require intense rehabilitation, such as spinal-cord and brain injuries, strokes and other conditions that prove medically complex.


    • Patients with serious mental-health issues that have not improved with outpatient therapies are good candidates for inpatient rehab, where they can be monitored and treated as needed.

    Volunteer vs. Mandated Rehab

    • Volunteer inpatient rehabilitation involves people who choose to seek help, as opposed to legally mandated cases, such as cases of addiction and psychological issues--especially after an arrest.


    • Inpatient rehabilitation offers the possibility of full-time care and supervision of those undergoing serious mental, physical or dependency issues, allowing them to focus on their conditions without external distractions.

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