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How to Mount a RADAR Detector

    Suction Cup Mounting

    • 1). Assemble radar detector mount based on the manufacturer instructions. This may be as simple as putting the suction cups themselves onto the piece that inserts into the radar detector. On the newer GPS-style mounts, the mount will already be fully assembled.

    • 2). Locate where on the windshield you want your radar detector to be mounted. Keep in mind that the power cord will have to reach the mounting location.

    • 3). Clean the location thoroughly. Use an automotive glass cleaner and old newspapers.

    • 4). Wet the suction cups with the damp newspaper that you used to clean the windshield.

    • 5). Stick and press. Make sure to press each suction cup firmly. Your will hear little popping noises--that's the air escaping from the suction cup. With the newer GPS-style mounts, simply place the suction cup and press the little lever. This will pull back on the middle of the suction cup, creating a strong vacuum.

    • 6). Plug the supplied cord into the cigarette lighter or the auxiliary power supply and then plug the opposite end into the radar detector.

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