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Colorado Birth Records

Though Colorado has its statewide birth recording in the year 1875, compliance was not that successful as only scattered counties were able to accomplish birth registration.
Records of birth became successful by the year 1910.
These records could be found at the Vital Records of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
They will require a $17.
75-fee for the first copy of the birth certificate.
You may able to request for documents in person or through the phone, mail, fax and Internet.
Though the department does not have an online service of their own, there are independent public records and vital statistics search companies, to process expedited requests.
These search sites allow instant records searches.
If you do no want to pay additional fees, you may download the forms from the department's website and mail it to them, together with a money order or certified check.
If you opt to avail of their walk-in service, you may go to their main office in Denver or conveniently visit the concerned county, where the birth occurred.
However, it was recently implemented that a proof of relationship or legal interest documentation should be submitted for you to obtain the needed documents.
You can search Colorado birth records online for instant results if you need to verify or obtain any birth records immediately.
The best part about online public records sites, is that you can get a refund when records are not present, unlike when writing the Vital Statistics where refunds are not always given when no birth records avail.

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