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Your Life Journey From Comfort To Possibility

This year I will be centering my articles around the process I take my clients through which includes discovering who you are (self awareness), learning what you want (direction), overcoming what holds you back (challenges and obstacles), helping you get started on your path (exploration and goals) and move forward toward your achieving of your goals (momentum and commitment).

The journey I describe here is a representation of how we often move through this process. As you read each step along this journey, what thoughts come up for you? Where are you along your journey?
You start out in your comfort zone a place that is familiar that feels safe, predictable comfort can be wonderful until
You begin to experience a yearning, ache, or pull that there is more to be and do.
You begin to question your comfort and wonder about new possibilities. This is a place many of us get stuck, especially if we are unsure of our possibilities. You may stay at this stage while you are exploring. That is OK. Uncovering and discovering requires patience.
The excitement building, you begin to move to the edges of your Comfort Zone.
You reach the threshold, prepare to take your first step, yet you are met with fear and uncertainty you begin to think/hear: its not safe out there, its not possible This is another place along our journey that we often get stuck.
However, also at this threshold is the excitement of possibilities, and when these possibilities are strong and clear, it gives you the strength to take that first step. To strengthen your desire, take the time to gather more data and have more experiences.
Once you can see your destination more clearly, you notice there may be several different paths that lead to it which will you take? Being open to several paths means you understand your bigger picture.
You begin to realize that all of these paths can be exciting and that it does not matter which you take, as long as you choose one and take steps toward it. Begin with your commitment step.
Along your journey, you may encounter both exhilarating and challenging experiences, obstacles occasionally detouring you, yet you still feel pulled toward your destination. Keep your destination in front of you in words or pictures as a reminder.
So you persevere, getting back on course because your dream is so clear, waiting for you - the essence of it and feeling of it.
Surprisingly, you come to find that while your sights are set on reaching your destination, you are really in no hurry you realize that you are on a beautiful path and begin to enjoy the scenery, each day experiencing new opportunities & possibilities along the way. Align with your goal, but be open along your path.
You have left your Comfort Zone, you are full of life, vibrant and growing.
As you begin this new year, what journey will you be on?
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