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But that this was that powerful this week I just had a lot going on so I wanted to give a little bit other halogen advice today while I'm a frustrated yet feeling good about something I had talked you have previously about class that two classes that I was in that that I dropped and I thought that I was like all good set to graduate in May and I'm advisor in for me that I needed three credit hours for my social media buyer so that I was like what are you friend I registered for two workshops and then there was not another.
One that could register for that was like working with my other classes than stuff like that so I was freaking out for a while email numbers people was not getting any response email the dean at the liberal arts and sciences College today in the he got back to me so quick but I have the hardest time finding email so badly found it's a sentiment email actually right away its all figured out so my advice to you is be diligent I guess that works with all aspects of life but I'm going with this is the beginning of the semester.
Just been kind of like an ongoing thing and finally figured it out today I have to go to the Registrar's Office and register for the workshop on Monday and feeling that happy that I have that all sorted out but yes so that's three weekends that I have to you go and like do these workshop things with which kind it is no fun but I'm happy that it's all sorted out that I'm going to graduate may I was getting quite a while that they were going to let me walk because the one credit hour so there's that film studios today my February a bird in my February and price I use that video and I am now going at it because I work at my school talk tomorrow and I'm kind of able to do stuff while I'm ELITE TEST 360 there something at those videos that I'm so should I wanted to fill rose water video turn it I I'm going to be wrapping picots send somebody you guys will see in the very near future with that's all about but members still really hurts I E think that I wasn't wearing it for a couple days but then today I was like trying to open something EN I felt like a pop and her really.

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