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Thursday, February 21, 2008

At the hospital, Caroline, Roman, Victor, Abe, and Lexie anxiously await for the plane crash survivors. Lexie soon receives word that the ambulances are on their way. Sami arrives with EJ by her side and frantically asks what’s going on. Roman tells her to take it easy, since everyone is on their way. Caroline is relieved to see Shawn, Belle, and Claire arrive. Max, Stephanie, and Chelsea wait in the background as two gurneys are wheeled in, which alarms Caroline.

Shawn tells his biological grandpa that the bodies on the gurneys are those of the pilots. Belle coaxes Claire to go with Marcy the nurse and have some ice cream. Roman asks Shawn what happened to the pilots. Shawn reveals that they died when the plane lost air. “Do you have any idea what caused the crash?” questions Roman. “Well it sure as hell wasn’t an accident. The pilots’ water had been drugged, and all the flight controls had been tampered with,” affirms Shawn. Philip and Chloe then arrive. Victor is relieved to see his son and embraces him. Kate arrives and rushes over to Philip, thankful that he’s alive. She notices the crutches and asks what happened to him. He reveals that he broke his leg, but fortunately it was his prosthetic one which is a mess.

Meanwhile, Steph expresses how she’s glad that Grandpa Shawn got to see his sister before she died. As Shawn, Belle, Philip, and Chloe exchange glances across the room, Caroline suggests that she and Grandpa Shawn should get away for a while.

Max agrees that it’s a good idea. Shawn approaches his grandma and insists that he needs to tell her something. Sami rushes across the room when she sees Marlena. Sami expresses concern for Marlena’s arm, but Doc assures her that she’s fine since John snapped it back in place. Marlena commends Steve and John on landing the plane, surmising that none of them would’ve made it otherwise. “All I know is that someone owes me a jet,” grumbles John. Marlena approaches Caroline and tells her how sorry she is. A smiling Caroline is so glad they’re home safe. Shawn tries to give his grandma the bad news, but she interrupts him and says that when Shawn gets back, they’re all going to go back to the pub and have a good hot breakfast.

Kayla soon arrives with Steve by her side on a gurney. She cries tears of joy and embraces Stephanie. Steph questions what happened to her dad. He claims it’s a couple of cracked ribs as Steph kisses him. Lexie orders Steve and Kayla in cubicles right away. Caroline hugs Kayla and expresses relief that she’s home. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry,” desponds Kayla. A clueless Caroline wonders why people keep saying that. Caroline is crestfallen to see a sick Bo wheeled in on a gurney and asks what’s wrong with him. Hope is by Bo’s side as everyone appears concerned. Lexie orders Bo into the cubicle, then urges Kayla to get checked out. A grieving Kayla insists that she needs to talk to her mom. She glances over at Hope, who is embracing Caroline and motions to Kayla that it’s okay. “What’s wrong with Bo?” asks Caroline. “He’s sick,” reveals a distressed Hope. Lexie assures the family that they will immediately start with extensive testing on Bo. Shawn warns his grandma that there’s something else she needs to know.

Caroline rants about not wanting to discuss it until Grandpa Shawn arrives. Another gurney is wheeled in with a sheet over the body. Caroline assumes the worst and breaks down. Roman and Marlena hold a sobbing Caroline. Sami is sobbing as well. A devastated Caroline slowly walks over to the gurney. “He said everybody would come home,” cries Caroline. “He died a hero,” says Philip. Shawn recounts how the plane was sabotaged, there was a small hole in the fuselage, and they lost cabin pressure. “The masks fell, my dad knew that he was sick, so he insisted on giving up his oxygen. He wouldn’t take it, and so he passed out. And so Grandpa, and Mom put the mask on him so he could continue to breathe,” Shawn continues. Additionally, Grandpa refused to take the mask from Hope, knowing that there wasn’t enough oxygen on the plane for them to survive. Max walks over to Chelsea and she comforts him. “He died, so that his family could live,” affirms Shawn. Caroline asks to see her husband as Roman is also sobbing. Lexie walks over and uncovers the beloved hero for Caroline to see.

Meanwhile, a nurse bandages Steve up and tells him not to put any undue pressure on his ribs. In the next cubicle, Kayla tells her doctor that she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s been experiencing spotting and cramping. The doctor reminds her that he’s been under a lot of stress. Kayla wonders if she’ll lose the baby, which Steve overhears. He tries to sneak out but is caught by Stephanie. Steve quietly reveals that Kayla's pregnant and fears losing the baby. They overhear the doctor telling Kayla that stress is her greatest enemy. Steve tries to assure Steph and he and Kayla will be fine, especially since they’re going to make Kayla spend her whole pregnancy in bed. “Now what do you want? Little brother or a little sister?” asks Steve. “It doesn’t matter. I’m just happy to have you both home safe and with me,” expresses Steph before she hugs him.

A concerned Victor approaches Caroline and tries to take her aside, but she just wants to be with her husband. Maggie arrives and comforts her friend, expressing how sorry she is. Roman and Sami comfort each other, as do Max and Chelsea. Marlena spots John all by himself across the room and approaches him, recalling that there was a time when he thought Caroline was his mother. “Can you find it in your heart, to offer her a few words of comfort?” suggests Marlena. John slowly walks over to Caroline and claims he doesn’t remember the time when he thought that she and Grandpa Shawn were his parents, but admits that he truly wishes Grandpa Shawn had been his father. Caroline thanks John for his words of comfort. Marlena is impressed.

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