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The Feel Good Article - An Exposition of a Personal Philosophy of Life

In life, existence is only good when you can genuinely benefit yourself and other people.
That in itself is the life and existence of a genuine value producer, in that order.
The only time something counts as not valuable is when it is genuinely destructive.
Nothing genuinely has the intention of being consciously totally destructive to themselves and others from the start or get go.
But everyone wants to feel good and benefit, that in itself is the secret of life, and the question of existence answered.
Logically, self benefit is what we all live for, some go about it rationally, some go about it irrationally.
Irrationality is inherently destructive.
Rationality is inherently productive.
Rationality keeps you "in the loop" or in the action of life.
That is where we are going with this article, to the rational.
We are discarding the irrational, destructive and unhappy here.
From beliefs in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny to the most subtle irrationalities like eating too much sugar, irrationality needs to be banished from life in order to be genuinely successful in life.
I know, I sound extreme.
But I am using such extreme reality to expose the eminent benefits of being rational in life and existence.
Sure, like anyone I am not rational one hundred percent of the time, but a majority of the time, I do my best to be rational, sane and realistic.
Because perfection, as they say must be earned and self made, not given or created by others.
Yes, perfection is an idea of what works genuinely, in that sense as a concept, it is rationally possible.
Everyone wants the key to happiness, but not the key to sadness, so the key to happiness is rationality, the key to sadness is irrationality.
No wonder everyone searches for the key to happiness, but it is always found in one place: In the rational action.
Rational action is where the happiness is at, that is where I am going with this article.
I am not saying this dispassionately either or even analytically, although I am balancing positive emotions with realistic analytical thought in this article.
Rationality allows a broad spectrum of positive actions and good feelings, where irrationality, no matter what the short term "benefit" does not give anything of any real value, positive or negative, in reality.
When I think of honest and real, tangible value, no matter what I feel, it is always rational.
Values, no matter what the feelings, are tangible rationality.
That in itself is a higher value than anything irrational.
So, here I rest my case, for what is rational works, what is irrational does not work.

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