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Why You Shouldn"t Trade Your Car In

There are a few reasons you shouldn't trade your car into a dealership.
The number one reason you should never trade your car into a dealership is because they will never pay you the market value of your car.
If you want to get any money out of selling your car, sell it privately.
Instead of offering the market value for your car, they will offer the wholesale value.
That value is much less than the market value.
You will not get what your car is worth if you plan on trading it in at a dealership.
When I wanted to sell my car, I went to a dealership first because my family told me I would get the best deal.
They offered me a few thousand dollars below the market value.
I realized I wasn't going to get enough money at the dealership so I decided to sell it privately.
I got the market value plus some because my car was in mint condition.
The reason dealerships only offer the wholesale value for your car is so they can make a profit.
They will purchase your car for the wholesale value, then turn around and sell it at market value and higher.
When people are shopping for a car at a dealership, they usually aren't too worried about the price.
They trust what the dealer has to say about the car and its worth.
This is where people can get scammed.
The dealer will buy your used car for wholesale value, even with the flaws, and turn around and sell it for much more.
The buyer doesn't know all of the flaws the car has until certain parts start breaking.
One way the dealerships can talk the seller down is by telling them they will not get much money when they sell your car.
They can cry to you saying they won't get any money so they can't offer a high price.
They can convince the seller that their car is worth almost nothing.
The sellers will then go along with the pitch and lose a lot of money.
If you sell your car privately you will be able to ask a higher price and most likely find a buyer willing to pay it.
Another good tip is to round off your asking price to an even number.
The dealers make their prices look like they are small but in reality they are not.

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