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How Does Exercise Affect Acne?

Moderate exercise can be good for your skin and your complexion.
It helps you keep your body healthy, and helps to manage your stress, as well.
If you find that exercise is irritating your skin or you suspect it's causing an acne attack, you should look at how you work out.
What are you wearing? What kind of environment do you exercise in? Acne that is related to exercise is more often than not a result of external factors in the environment, or something you are doing to yourself.
Some examples: Acne exercise tip one: Avoid make-up.
When exercising, wear as little to no make-up as you can.
Even oil free cosmetics are able to find their way into your pores to clog them up during and after a workout.
If you find that you must wear make up during your routine for whatever reason, be sure to wash your face afterwards as soon as possible.
Acne exercise tip two: Sunscreen.
Of course, if you are exercising outside, always wear sunscreen.
Acne sometimes seems to get better after you've been in the sun, prolonged exposure will create clogged pores, and in turn, acne -- if not sun damage.
When choosing a sunscreen, choose on that is oil free and have an SPF rating of at least 15, and block both UVA and UVB rays.
Similarly to make up, sunscreen can find its way into your pores, and clog them up.
Once you are done working out, and back out of the sun, wash the sunscreen off, don't just wait for it to fade away.
Acne exercise tip three: Clothing.
If you are susceptible to acne on other parts of your body, such as your back, avoid clothing made out of lycra or nylon.
Synthetic fabrics such as these trap the heat and moisture, and create a situation that is perfect for bacteria.
These synthetics will be a marvelous environment not just for growth of skin irritants, but also in trapping in oils and other secretions that will clog your pores.
You are better off wearing cotton, or a cotton/lycra blend, or some other natural fabric.
They will allow your skin to breathe, and will cause much less friction.
If you are intending your clothing to help work you into a sweat, you should try the new fabrics from makers such as under armor, that keep the moisture away from your skin, but still perform the way you were hoping.
In part two of this article, we'll look at three more things to be aware of when exercising, including the room you do it in, the equipment you use, and how to wash up afterwards.

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