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Baby Shower Confetti - A Burst of Love and Fun

"Use solid color party supplies [http://www.celebrateaparty.com/category/blog] for my next party." Insisted Mrs. Ryan. It had my new assistant baffled - a fresher as she is, she was unaware of solid colours. For her information, and for those of others who may be in the same boat -

The color which exists as itself and not in combination with any other hue is called a solid color. The color is the plain all over the product and is not elaborated with stripes or dots.

The veteran hosts swear by solid color party supplies. Solid colors look whole and one and bring out the color theme of parties very well. When arranged alongside a few printed accessories, solid color party supplies look very refreshing.

Whether deep or light, all possible colors of the rainbow have been represented in the solid color party supplies collection. The usual party accessories you are going to require are sorted into packages according to their solid colors:
 plates
 napkins
 balloons
 cups
 cutlery
 curling ribbons
 table covers
 confetti
 crepe streamers

So start imagining a red Christmas party with red balloons, red crepe streamers, white cups, white napkins and white and red confetti!
Confetti has a profound relation with celebration - it is found everywhere! People have designed celebrations around confetti - ticker tape parade is an example.
The word Confetti actually means 'uncountable.' Though there is an Italian sweet by the same name - the two are different entities! Loads of pieces of paper or metal particles or flower petals thrown at during celebrations are confetti. They can be made simply by shredding paper with paper shredder or scissors, or paper chads can be made by punching holes in waste paper using hole punch or ticket punch.

Confetti has an old relation with marriages all over the world and since olden times. Rice and flower petals were thrown at the newly-wedded duo as a symbol for fertility and good luck.

No wonder then that baby shower confetti [http://www.celebrateaparty.com] is so hugely popular today.

Baby shower is a traditional American festival to celebrate the motherhood of a pregnant woman and is a way to welcome the unborn child into the world. It is rather a practical activity - for the attendees of the party bring items of use for the about-to-come child and mom-to-be as gifts. Diapers, cribs, baby clothes, feeding bottles, pacifiers et cetera are some of the items that the hosts collect during baby shower parties!

Usually, the baby showers were arranged only for the first child of a couple - though now subsequent children as well as adopted babies are being welcomed by the baby shower parties frequently.

Traditionally, it is an all-woman gathering, though recently men are also finding entry to the event and are also organizing all-men baby showers.

Apart from America, several other countries celebrate motherhood. Indian women celebrate 'Godh Bharai' in the seventh month of pregnancy in a gathering typically attended by women only.

The party organizers of today are vying with one another to think up more creative themes for baby showers and needless to say, their favourite accessory is the baby shower confetti. The party mangers of today are in competition with each other in creating more and more artistic baby shower themes and the one décor item they love fiddling with is the baby shower confetti.

A market survey shall give you the following options:
Mod mom confetti
It's a boy
It's a girl
Baby confetti
Little angel confetti
Sweet prince confetti

These are fashioned out of brightly coloured paper, tiny bits of metal or light plastic sheets. They generally come with an ejection vehicle, often called a 'cannon', which sends out confetti under pressure so that it disseminates with a greater visual effect.
One downside of baby shower confetti, though, is the amount of cleaning up it requires afterwards!
Of course, if the venue of the baby shower party is somewhere indoors, there is no option but to take and mop and a broom and get on with it. However, in outdoor baby shower events, there is an option to use biodegradable or organic baby shower confetti.
Biodegradable confetti includes rice, flower petals and leaves.

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