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How to Fix a 1990 Toyota Cressida Supra Engine Head Gasket

    • 1). Park the Toyota and turn off the engine.

    • 2). Pop the hood to reveal the car's battery. Remove the battery's black negative-battery cable with needle-nose pliers. Remove the battery terminal from the engine and set it aside.

    • 3). Flush the radiator. To do this, place a tray underneath the radiator unit. Remove its pressure cap and twist the drain plug free (use a counterclockwise motion to remove it). Set both the cap and plug aside.

    • 4). Allow the coolant to completely filter out into the tray. Replace the pressure cap and tighten the drain plug.

    • 5). Disassemble the head of the engine to access the head gasket. Detach the engine's undercover with a socket wrench and set it aside.

    • 6). Locate the engine's cylinder head, found on top of the cylinder block near the spark plugs and valve platform. Remove the bolts from the valve cover with the adjustable wrench.

    • 7). Remove the head gasket from the top of the cylinder block. Use a scraper to clean any residue left on the underside of the head gasket.

    • 8). Install the replacement head gasket on the cylinder block. Make sure to align the gasket holes along the bolt holes on the block. Reinstall the cylinder-head valve cover back onto the gasket head. Re-tighten all bolts and replace all other engine components, securing their bolts tightly with an adjustable wrench.

    • 9). Set a funnel inside the radiator's fill hole and add coolant to the reservoir to an appropriate level, as directed in the owner's manual. Run the engine for 10 to 15 minutes. Replace the radiator fill cap.

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