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Are Your Cholesterol Levels Through the Roof?

A balanced diet can help in lowering the cholesterol level.
In order to maintain a healthy and normal life it is mandatory to keep a check on the level of cholesterol within one's body.
And to do so it is very essential to keep a check on the intake of the food.
Although it is always safe to maintain a healthy diet, yet at times there can be certain meals that might lead to the rise of the cholesterol level.
So in order to sustain a well balanced level of cholesterol it must be a regular practice to eat a balanced diet that will help to keep the level of cholesterol under a constant check.
Yes, there are certain diets that can help to lower the cholesterol level provided if followed strictly.
Firstly the use of refined cooking oil must be substituted with either olive oil or canola oil which is high in polyunsaturated fats that keep the heart healthy.
Secondly plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can be added as a part of a healthy diet to lower the cholesterol level as they contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals that are required to avoid any chronic disease.
Although vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, kale, celery, green peas, okra, beets and parsnips might sound rare but are very helpful in lowering the cholesterol level.
Similarly fruits like apples, bananas, blackberries, cherries, dry figs, grapes, mangoes and papaya also contribute in lowering the risk of having high cholesterol.
Thirdly having an oat meal with non-fat milk for breakfast is another way to lower the cholesterol level.
It is always better to avoid having granolas, hot cereals and cereals containing coconuts during breakfasts.
If necessary one can also have egg whites and low cholesterol egg substitutes for breakfast.
Another balanced diet for lowering cholesterol can be of chicken or turkey with skin removed, meats with minimal marbling that helps in trimming excess fat from the body and seafood which includes fish like the salmon, the swordfish and mackerel which contains the highest fish oil.
Leaving these main course diets even fat free desserts and low salt broth can be a part of a low cholesterol diet.

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