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THE SIMS 2 DS Cheats

Control crystal

Start the game and make sure you are on the "Interact" slot. You will see a crystal on the touch screen. Slide your finger across the touch screen. The crystal will start spinning.

Getting things finished quicker

To get things done quicker, change the internal clock on your DS system. This trick works well if you want to get rooms built faster. Instead of waiting the normal eight hours, just set your clock ahead eight hours. If you need money get guests to stay, set clock forward the desired number of hours or days.

Refill sanity meter quicker

In the basement of the hotel, turn to your right. Go down the hall and enter the door at the end of the hall and you will be in a freezer. A piece of meat will be hanging from the ceiling. Go up to it and punch it. Your sanity meter will refill faster than normal.

Free milkshake

Go to the part of town where all the cows are found. Go up to the cows, not the bull, and tip it over. After tipping it over and it is lying down, select "Milk" to get a milkshake. If you just milk the cow without tipping it, you will get plain milk. You can sell it for 2 Simoleons at the store, drink it, or give it away as a gift.

Additional aliens

To get more aliens on your save, set the system clock forward by one minute. Load your saved game and walk around for a minute. Save the game, then set system clock back to real time. The bellhop should say that you are a time traveler and that the aliens have launched a full scale attack. When you see the clock, touch it or you will lose all your sanity.

SSX 3 reference

Go to the shop in Strangetown. When you enter the shop, go to the left side where you see boxes on a shelf. Look closely to see the box art from SSX 3.

Stop wires from getting chewed

In order to have the mole or worm stop chewing on the wires, spray it with water several times.

Completion bonus

After you have completed everything in the game, check at the store every month or change the month on the DS system date until an object that resembles a tanning bed. Buy it and put it in your room. When you get in there, there will be a place to choose your skin color. The colors are green, yellow, dark gray, light gray, blue, red, pink, and orange. The color will wear off in one or two days.

New Outfits

Earn at least 800,000 simoleans, open the panel in the manager's suite, go under hotel info, then a message will come up saying you unlocked an outfit. If you close then reopen the panel, go under hotel info again, you will unlock another oufit (only works twice as far as I know).

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