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How Having Pets Can Impact Your Homeowners Insurance

Home owner insurance is not just meant to protect your house: it's also there to cover your family. For many Americans, their dogs, cats and other pets are important, beloved members of the family and they want them to be covered in case they are injured or killed in a fire, earthquake, flood or other disaster that strikes the home.

But after getting a home insurance online quote, you might be surprised to discover that your pet is not covered. In fact, most insurance plans don't offer protection for your pets, although there is a growing number of companies who offer pet health insurance in case your dog, cat or other creature has a serious condition.

One of the benefits that home insurance does provide is liability in case your pet causes damages or injury to someone else or their property. This could range from minor incidents such as your dog breaking our of your backyard and destroying your neighbor's garden to more serious concerns such as your dog inflicting a dog bite on another pet or person.

Homeowners insurance typically gives policyholders up to $100,000 of liability coverage in case their pets cause damage or injuries. However, this coverage is not standard and some insurance providers are shying away from offering this liability protection through a home policy.

In fact, having certain pets might preclude you from being able to get policies with certain companies. This is typically because the breed either has a track record of serious biting incidents or frequently destroys yards, indoor areas and other parts of the property.

Breeds that can impact your ability to get coverage for your home or condo include:

* Akita
* Alaskan Malamute
* Chow Chow
* Doberman Pinscher
* German Shepherd
* Pit Bull
* Presa Canario
* Rottweiler
* Siberian Husky
* Staffordshire Bull Terrier
* Wolf hybrids

It's best to check the policy and with your agent before signing a contract if you have pets to see about their particular restrictions.

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