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4 Surefire Tips on How to Sell Network Marketing Without Receiving Outright Rejection

Thanks to the proliferation of many illegal network

marketing companies and the various misconceptions of

customers about the industry, it's extremely hard for

first-time network marketers to sell their proposal

without receiving outright rejection. Thankfully, there

are several ways to reverse that particular outcome.

4 Surefire Tips on How to Sell Network Marketing Without

Receiving Outright Rejection

The first time you try something out always leaves a

lasting impression on your mind. Positive experiences

can give you a huge boost, while negative experiences

can easily cripple your confidence. If you don't want

your first jabs at network marketing to fail, here's

what you can do.

Focus your pitch on the customer.

Even if you're selling products from a company as well

known and established as Amex or Tupperware, you should

never make the mistake of focusing your pitch on the

products you­re selling or the company you're associated

with. Rather, your pitches should always revolve around

the customer and his needs, particularly those that have

to do with your products.

Network marketing requires direct communication between

you and your prospects. You should take advantage of

this by making your pitch more personal and customer-

centric. With you up close, your words, gestures, and

expressions have more impact on your listeners. When you

say you need this product, your message won't have to go

through different media like newspapers, the Internet,

or the TV, but rather, they go straight to your

customers heart. Waxing on and on about your company

will make you forfeit the chance to maximize your


Don't beg but don't be too proud either.

Despite knowing that your products are truly valuable,

you could still be tempted into begging your customers

to give your products a chance. When you do that, you'll

almost always receive a flat-out rejection. When you

beg, people could either consider you pushy or worse,

they could think you're begging because no one wants to

buy your products.

It's important not to beg your customers to buy from

you, but there's certainly nothing wrong with cajoling

them. If a bit of sweet talk will get you to unload your

products then go right ahead. In fact, being too

standoffish can just be as bad as begging. Yes, your

products are extremely good that you believe you don't

need to beg, but remember: you do need your customers

support and that's why it wouldn't hurt to let them know

you're keen to make a sale. What matters here is

striking the perfect balance between persuasion by

reason and charm.

Prepare for the best but expect the worst.

Just because it's your first time to try out network

marketing doesn't excuse your ignorance. You need to

prepare yourself for the questions that customers

typically ask when being approached by a network

marketer. Besides having to know your products and

company inside and out, you also need to be prepared to

address your prospects concerns about network marketing

in general and doing business with you in particular.

Know when and when not to talk.

You need to educate yourself about body language and

other kinds of non-verbal communication to understand

when your prospects would appreciate more explanations

from you and when they'd prefer you to keep silent a bit

and allow them to consider your words. Talking too much

or too little will get you nowhere.

Follow these network marketing tips, and your first jab

at selling definitely won't end in rejection.

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