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Pre-patent Brokering services for all your ideas

Ever since the onset of the digital age, the world has been busy churning out all sorts of ideas, some are rendered in tangible forms and others in the intangibles. One of the reasons is that many things can now be rendered in 'ones' and 'zeros' and they can be manipulated, stored and sold from one corner of the world to another, often in different time zones. And not to be beaten, you will hear every Tom, Dick and Harry coming out with outlandish ideas, some of which is quickly forgotten, due perhaps to the proposer realizing that their ideas don't work. But really, ideas are only ideas until it is made into something that works. And for that to happen, it will require a long process and plenty of hard work. Most people will not have that capability, but if they do, their journey will also be a long one. Preferably, an idea should be taken to the patent grant stage. What if you can only make it halfway and you need to monetize it for whatever reason? You are not alone as most ideas need to find buyers, and to find it fast!

The reality is that although there are plenty of idea buyers out there, it is a sad truth that sellers and buyers can't find each other easily. Sellers can't afford the time to go asking who wants to buy their idea. Buyers don't know where to ask. The solution; a middle man in the form of an idea or a patent broker. There are of course patent brokers. They will play an important role in bringing buyers and sellers of ideas in a world washed with ideas. Unlike eBay, patent brokers have to deal with care as some of those ideas are sensitive and a mere divulging of them could result in huge monetary loss for the proposal. If the idea is already patented, then it is much easier to handle, but unfortunately, most ideas are in their raw stage or at a stage where further development is required. There lies the difficulty. Now, suppose you want to dispose of your undeveloped idea, where do you go to?

Although there are patent brokers to go to, it is almost impossible to sell something that has got no documentations. Fortunately, there is a new breed of brokers that will accept ideas that has not gone through the documentation stage (patent filing). These are called Pre-patent brokers. They will undertake to properly document that idea of yours in an appropriate legal way so that your idea can be protected and sold to willing buyers. The Pre-patent brokers are themselves patent lawyers or at least have a good grasp of documentation of ideas. They also have a good understanding of the value of ideas and patents, and not only that, they are technically competent as well. In short, Pre-patent brokers are an exclusive class of agents that knows ideas inside out. They need to have such a qualification because they are going to mediate between the seller and the buyer. They need to seek for the best price on behalf of the seller, and one that is not too overpriced for the buyer. As of now, Pre-patent brokers would like to think of their service as the eBay of ideas, and if you need to monetize that idea of yours fast, then you should go and seek one now.

If you need to monetize your ideas fast, why not go to your friendly Pre-patent Broker and make the deal of your life time now.

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