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Article Marketing Secrets - 3 Reasons Why It Is The Key To A Lucrative Online Business

If you are starting an online business and your ultimate goal is to make lots of money, then you have to understand that you are going to have to put in some hard work.
If you want to make money but are unwilling to work for it then you are likely to fail, but if you want to learn what it takes and how to do it, then you should lean towards using article marketing to grow your business.
As a way of understanding why you should be using article marketing, I've outlined three reasons below why I believe it is the absolute best way to build your online business fast: #1 - It pulls in only the most targeted leads When you use other forms of advertising on the Internet you are putting your message in front of many eyes, but these are not highly targeted ones, meaning you are essentially throwing away money, time, and energy.
On the other hand, when you write articles for the purpose of attracting customers you will only pull in the most targeted leads because people have to go out and find them, read them, and opt-in to your list.
Only those who are interested in your products are going to go through this process, so you can be assured that each article you write is doing it's job of attracting only those who are highly likely to buy from you in the future.
#2 - It is a tool to advertise your expertise When you create a pay-per-click advertisement you aren't convincing anybody that you know what you're talking about, heck, you may simply be re-selling someone else's product.
But, if you write an article and someone reads it and learns from it, they see you as an authority and an expert in your niche, which is essential for making good money online.
This will only happen if you provide a lot of great content inside your articles and if you write many articles on a consistent basis, as the more you have out there the better your expertise will be perceived.
#3 - It acts as a pre-seller for your business Similar to selling your reader on your expertise, article marketing acts as a tool for pre-selling your products, yourself, and your business.
The better the content within each article, the more free information you are willing to giveaway, and the better your free offers within the article the more your articles will act as a pre-selling tool for your business and your products.

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