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How Do We Teach Kids Ethics?

I always say that "you should do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do," and that "honesty is what you do when no one else is looking" and "hopefully you have the strength of character to act appropriately," and that's how I explain it, ethics that is.
But how do we get that across to kids, how do we teach them to do what's write with all the negative influences on their lives.
It's tough on parents, teachers, and inevitably society, as we are all going to have to live with the consequences if we fail.
Let's talk shall we? Where do we look for help? What should we be teaching? Well, David Hume is good on this with lots of advice, and a decent philosopher should be able to help us out here.
Also, Plato has some nice thoughts on this topic.
All cultures have such, so why not borrow from different societies and cultures.
What about religion and Biblical teachings, and the concept of the 10-commandments as a set of foundational life rules? They've worked for centuries helping the masses understand their responsibilities in a free society.
Religious doctrines are best when accepted as a personal social contract with everyone else.
Consider this; if everyone agrees to stop at stop signs, fewer people will die in auto accidents, but when people ignore these social contracts, society can break down and cause chaos, and sometimes terrible accidents.
The Babylonians mentioned the problems with lawlessness even back in their time, they finally noted that people were putting locks on their doors, they had no choice.
It's been a problem throughout time.
Personally, I wish we'd teach morals to kids; along with character, financial literacy, and economics to children at the earliest possible convenience.
I am so tired of political correctness, it's destroying our society.
There is a difference between right and wrong.
It denies normal communication and causes people to be less honest, it's wrong to sweep all this under the carpet, because when it rears its ugly head at the most inopportune time as per Murphy's Law, we will all be sorry, see that point.
So, how do we teach kids ethics, morality and honesty? That is the question, and it's a serious one, we need to address.
We have too many kids growing into teens cheating on tests in school, getting in with the wrong peer groups and now these kids are growing into adults, cheating on tests a Harvard, committing fraud, fraudulently filing for government give-aways, cheating on taxes - we see problems in our government agencies, militaries, corporations, small businesses, nonprofits - in our neighborhoods, churches, communities.
Worse we are starting to export these moral values in hypocrisy as we tell other nations how to run their affairs.
We need to fix this and it starts with kids at an early age - let's get this right.
Deal? Please consider all this and think on it.

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