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Cellulite in Pregnancy

Cellulite and pregnancy have two things in common.
The majority of women do gain weight during pregnancy which can and will lead to cellulite if not taken care of.
Although it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, one can maintain a safe amount of fat and cellulite that will not lead to bigger problems in the future.
Women tend to have more cellulite on a regular basis than men do.
It is proven so and is still a mystery to many scientists why this is.
The hormone activity in women and men are different.
When women reach the stage of puberty, they tend to release fat reserves in the traditional curves for a woman.
Pregnancy cellulite is a normal process.
It can be controlled with a proper diet and exercise.
Most women find when they start to add those pounds of extra weight that some areas of the body retain more cellulite than others.
The thighs are a perfect example of a cellulite attacking area of a womens body.
During pregnancy, most women can expect to see cellulite on the knees, stomach,hips and abdominal areas and even underneath the arms.
The great news about most womens bodies is that the majority of womens weight and cellulite tends to drastically reduce over time after giving birth to a child.
Women may find that cellulite gets worse during the typical 9 months of being pregnant and gets much better after everything is over with the birth.
Cellulite and pregnancy can be a bother for most women, however, giving birth to a new born child will diminish any negative mental images women have almost immediately after having the baby.

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