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How to Move Someone Who Is Bedridden

    Turning the Person

    • 1). Stand on the same side of the bed toward where you'll be turning the patient. Position the person's arms above his head with his hands clasped and his knees slightly bent.

    • 2). Place one hand on the person's shoulder and another on her hip, gently rotating her body toward you. You can also perform the rotation holding the person's hands and knees if she cannot lift her arms above her head and bend her knees on her own.

    • 3). Move the person, still lying on his side, back to the center of the bed to avoid him falling out of bed. Please one pillow between the patient's knees and another at his back for comfort.

    From Bed to Chair

    • 1). Move a chair as close to the bed as possible. If you are moving the person into a wheelchair, lock the wheels.

    • 2). Place one arm under the person's legs and another under his back. Move the person's legs over the edge of the bed, pivoting his body as you go. The patient should be sitting at the edge of the bed.

    • 3). Bend your knees, feet apart, with the person's hands on your shoulders. Put your arms around the person's waist, hands clasped at her back. This position should provide support to assist as she moves to a standing position.

    • 4). Pivot the person's body slightly until his back is to the chair. Support the patient's back as he lowers slowly into the chair.

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