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The Myth of Massage Continuing Education

Let's get clear about the fiction enveloping Massage Continuing Education. Why do the vast majority of massage therapists take continuing education courses? To make more money? To further their education? To satisfy the State's regulations where they practice? Or to improve their skills, or just the appearance of their business cards? Its regrettable but, in this era, the majority of massage practitioners are quite amateurish.

Sorry if I have angered you, nothing personal here. As a matter of fact, copious amounts of the graduates of massage schools never evolve a reasonable practice. Statistically, only about 10 per cent of massage graduates are still pursuing their dreams and financing themselves and their families 5 years after graduation from massage school. Now that's pathetic. Many massage therapists are charmed into the industry because of the proclaimed amount of money that they will gain when they "graduate" from their perspective schools. Just finish school and the money will begin pouring in. I wish it were that accessible. Hey, if you are producing 10 bucks and hour, 60 bucks and up sounds real exciting once you graduate from massage school. Many graduates of massage schools are flopping these days because of difficult economic times, and part of the equation is the ripoff bushwhacking massage continuing education.

For 22 years I have engaged in massage therapy. It has been my singular source of wages. I am a graduate of the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado and the Karuna Institute in Devon England. I have had a lucrative practice in both Structural Integration and Craniosacral Therapy. I have traveled and studied 17 other techniques to "add to the soup" including Neuromuscular Therapy, the Bowen Technique, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Core Zero Balancing, and The Reconnection to name a just a few. But, the bulk of my studies has been the lineage of Dr. Ida Rolf (Rolfing) and Dr. William Garner Sutherland (cranial sacral therapy). I have also been honored to have taught at The Utah College of Massage Therapy as their Deep Tissue Instructor, the Virginia School of Technology as their advance technique instructor and The Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy as an Anatomy and Palpation teacher. I have taught classes in massage continuing education in Structural Integration and Cranial Sacral Therapy since 1996. I have also created two in depth, home study courses in Structural Integration and Craniosacral Therapy as a provider of massage continuing education for the NCBTMB. If you would like more insights into what I bring to the table, please visit [].

Let me bring home a point. I certainly wouldn't hire a farrier to put shoes on my horses or find a contractor to build my home that had only 32 hours of training! And yet, the perception of massage continuing education supports that level of shallowness. We ask our clients to pay us 60 dollars and more per hour with very little training. I have known had he pleasure of meeting massage therapists who have recently graduated from their massage school programs only 9 months earlier, who are running the massage program of the same school they attended. These schools had just turned up due to the alluring market. And to trump that, those department heads had never developed an outside practice before becoming the head instructor of a particular discipline or the entire massage department! This is the facts I have nothing to gain from lying. I have seen over and over again recent graduates who print 7 or 8 different therapies on their business cards, even spelling them incorrectly. Which is in my opinion invalid advertisement and impoverishes our industry. Look, you can't get to the top by sitting on the bottom. It has been said that, "Money grows on the tree of persistence". So, why do so few persist? Because no one told them the word about massage continuing education. There is a lot of poppycock out there, and with a little clarity many failing therapists turn the corner and realize their original vision. The intention that brought them to massage schools in the first place. Its called in depth training!

Let me make a proposition to rekindle your passion with regards to a exploding massage practice. We are living in an marvelous time where legitimate teachers have created stunning tools for truly broadening your understanding in a multitude of polarity therapy techniques. The DVD, and mind blowing has created an incredible tool of technology to be employed in the tranquility of your home until you thoroughly govern the techniques and can implement them with a high degree of flair which translates to money honey! Find a direction that intrigues you, buy the dvd home study course and check out a few of them out thoroughly. Or go receive as many session from the different styles in your town.. And then, when you feel attracted to a few of the disciplines and their practitioners, buy the best DVD home study courses out there from those chosen techniques.Then practice them completely until they are wired. Make sure these techniques have been proven to have been effective in the massage field, and will elevate you where you have always dreamed of going. In the present massage field, especially where disposable income is shrinking for many of our potential clients, its important to discover techniques that not only manage your clients pain, but increase their performance both physically and spiritually. People will still dispense of their coin if they know your technique works and you can get them out of pain. Knowledge without wisdom is no different than a load of books on the back of a donkey! Wisdom comes from practice, practice, practice!

The expense of a fantastic dvd home study course massage continuing education course is a dribble compared to traveling to participate a class. In this economy it makes perfect sense. Do the math...its clear! And don't be fooled into thinking that all you need is 48 hours of massage continuing education hours in 4 years to be thrive at a chosen discipline. It won't work. Trust me, this isn't a car salesman talking to you..this is a practitioner who has been in the trenches for 22 years, traveling from your home to study is steep. When you piece together the cost of the course, which is usually at least 500 dollars and up, plus transportation, hotels and food, it makes perfect sense to scrutinize the discipline by using the cool technology that exists first, and then make an excursion to a hands on class and really gain insights at a deep level what the instructor has to offer. If you like what you have learned from this article, I invite you to check out the resource box at the bottom of this article and investigate what is offered to launch you to a higher standard of massage practice and on to the prosperous journey you have always dreamed to be possible. But never forget...practice makes perfect.

About the author: Judah Lyons has been practicing massage therapy for over two decades. See more of his stuff at judah lyons website

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