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Oblique Exercises for Killer Abs

Are you neglecting one of the most important muscle groups that make up your stomach by not spending time on oblique exercises? Just so we know we're talking about the same thing here; the Obliques are the muscles that enable our bodies to turn from side to side.
 Everyone has two sets of obliques called internal and external which you can find on each of your sides.
The external obliques form the top muscle while the internal obliques lie underneath the external obliques.
You may have best known your obliques as where those love handles are located.
Now you know where those love handles are do you want to reduce them? Many exercise programs that designed to give you flat abs overlook lower abdominal exercises that will benefit both your central core and enhance the overall look of your abs.
By combining these three lower ab exercises with other "core" exercises you'll have that complete 6-pack package.
I'm going to share with you three "love handle" killing exercises that will see you reap huge improvements in achieving a flat stomach.
First is the Cross-Body Mountain Climber Starting in the top of the push-up position, and keeping your central core braced, life one foot up off the floor and slowly bring your knee up to your opposite elbow.
Make sure you keep your body in a prone position without letter your hips drop or rise.
Return your leg, slowly, to the start position, keeping that central core braced.
Keep alternating sides until you've completed 10 repetitions per side.
If this exercise is too difficult, you can start by bringing your knee straight ahead rather than across your body.
Next is the Side Plank Using a mat, lie on your side supporting your bodyweight with your feet and on one elbow.
 Keeping a straight line with your body, raise it so that you hover over the mat ensuing that your back is straight and your hips are raised.
Now, contracting your abs and entire core, hold them tight.
Remember to continue breathing.
Stay in this position for 30 seconds for each side then swap sides.
If this exercise is too difficult, your can do the exercise from your knees and only hold for 10 seconds.
The final exercise is the Spiderman Pushup Keeping your body in a straight line and your core braced, position your hands on the floor just more than shoulder-width apart.
 Lower your body slowly until it's about an inch from the floor.
  While lowering your body, slowly bring your knee up to your elbow keeping the foot off the ground.
Return to the first position using your chest, shoulders and triceps and at the same time return your leg to the start position.
Keep alternating sides until you've completed 8 repetitions per side.
To gain the maximum benefit from this exercise, ensure your body is always in a straight line and try not to twist your hips.
If 8 of these exercises is too much, complete as many as you can and then do standard push ups.
For someone starting at these exercises start from a kneeling position, or just do regular Kneeling push ups.
How often should you do these lower abdominal exercises? To gain the maximum benefit from these exercises do them one after another without resting.
After each circuit, take a short one minute break before going through for another two circuits.
You're looking to reach three circuits.
Combing these three exercises at least once a week, along with one other ab burning workout throughout the week, you'll double the success of your ab workouts.
Be creative when it comes to doing these exercises.
Because they don't need any equipment you can do them anywhere either as part of your regular workouts or anywhere you can find some time throughout the week.
These are some of the best oblique exercises to build razor sharp obliques and rock hard abs in just a couple of cycles.
When combined with other ab-burning exercises and an overall weight losing program you will achieve your aim of a lean sexy body.

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