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Uranus in Aries - Cell Phones, Technology and Dictatorship

Uranus is a slow moving planet, that takes around eighty-four years to circle the Sun.
This means that it changes sign approximately every seven years.
Astrologers associate Uranus with sudden events, such as explosions and earthquakes.
And also with rebellion and revolution.
On a more position note, Uranus can be linked with new technology.
On May 27 or 28, depending on your time zone, Uranus enters Aries.
This is a big deal.
Not just because Uranus is entering a new sign, but also because Aries is traditionally the first sign of the Zodiac, a sign which has special power.
In addition, the zero degrees Aries point, which Uranus crosses at the end of May, is all about the world in which we live - so a new energy will start to manifest.
If we go back to the last time Uranus went into Aries, in 1927 and 1928, it was quite clear what the new technology was.
On March 31 1927 Uranus entered Aries.
Just over a week later, on April 7 1927, the Bell Telephone Company transmitted a television picture from Washington DC to New York.
At the time the full implications of this event were probably not realised, but something new had entered the realm of scientific possibility.
So over the course of 2010 and 2011, as Uranus establishes itself in Aries, we should look out for demonstrations of a new technology, because these will very much be the shape of things to come.
In particular, we should ask ourselves what could possibly be bigger than the internet.
We must open our eyes and look for clues! On a less pleasant note, we can associate Uranus in Aries with dictatorship.
Uranus is about sudden change, while Aries is the 'me first' sign.
During Uranus's movement through Aries, from 1927 through to 1935, Hitler came to power in Germany, and fascist movements sprung up all over Europe.
In Russia, the late 1920s was the time when Stalin consolidated his position, and effectively became a dictator.
We therefore shouldn't be surprised if the next seven years sees people yearning for strong leadership, especially in countries that have troubled economies.
Under these circumstances I wouldn't be surprised if dictatorship came back into fashion, perhaps even in parts of Eastern Europe.
My most disturbing suggestion about Uranus moving into Aries relates to cell phones.
The planet Uranus is about technology, and is also about radiation - after all, in symbolic terms Uranus has a link with uranium.
The sign Aries, in traditional astrology, relates to the head.
Under these circumstances, Uranus' stay in Aries could see the first hard evidence that use of cell phones can lead to brain tumours.
Interestingly, a WHO study has just been released, looking at the correlation between cell phone use and cancer.
The results have been labelled 'inconclusive', and that's probably not surprising.
Cancers can take decades to develop, yet use of cell phones only really took off in the late 1990s.
Still, the study did suggest that very heavy use of cell phones could increase the chances of getting certain types of brain tumour.
The WHO study has received a lot of press coverage, and it came out as Uranus was moving through the last degree of Pisces, in preparation for its switch into Aries.
Few people seem worried by its findings.
However in a couple of years time, when Uranus is firmly in Aries, another study could come out, that's a complete bombshell.
In the mean time, play it safe.
Your cell phone is a useful device, that can save your life in an emergency.
However until Uranus leaves Aries, in 2019, you shouldn't make assumptions about its safety.

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