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The Power of I AM - Tools for Life

The Power of the "I AM" I am so Wise.
I am so Creative.
I am so Thankful.
I am so Hopeful.
I am so Friendly.
I am so Optimistic.
I am so Understanding.
I am so Focused.
I am so Present.
I am so Worthy.
I am so Deserving.
I am so Dedicated.
I am so Loving.
I am so Energetic.
I am so Confident.
I am so Courageous.
I am so Determined.
I am so Connected.
I am so Abundant.
I am so Healthy.
I am so Alive.
I am so ..
any thought or belief that opens the door to Abundance inside and out.
Versus I am so Stupid.
I am so Impatient.
I am so Angry.
I am so Obsessive.
I am so Controlling.
I am so Jealous.
I am so Fearful.
I am so Worried.
I am so Lazy.
I am so Careless.
I am so Sick.
I am so Obnoxious.
I am so Hateful.
I am so Destructive.
I am so Lonely.
I am so Dishonest.
I am so Tired.
I am so Weak.
I am so Disliked.
I am so ..
Unwanted Thoughts and Beliefs that bring forth lack and limitations and Block us from everything Good in life.
We deserve Better.
So, Right Here, Right Now, I encourage all of us practice using the Power of the "I Am" for our Highest Good.
This Power, this Knowing was intended to bring us closer to God or the Source.
The "I Am" within us and The Power of our Words uniting as One.
Therefore Let us all use the "I AM" to activate the Presence of our True Self by using it in a very Promising way.
In other words in a very Positive way.
Reminder, "I Am so glad to be Alive", is a very Powerful statement to make everyday.
For being Alive matches the Vibration of the Omnipresence of God and the Universe, therefore creating oneness within us and outside of us.
I encourage all of us to be very Conscious as to how we use our Thoughts and Words.
For our Thoughts and Words create our reality in every way.
Let us do so for we are Worthy and Deserving of having a closer relationship to ourselves, to our True Self in every way.
Please feel free to share these Insights with all to Connect your "I AM" with the "I AM's" of all on this planet to create Oneness.
May the love and light of God and the Universe surround, protect and heal you, your loved ones and the planet earth.
I AM Grateful to BE Alive and I Love you.
Blessings with Eternal Support and Love for all of us.
With Gratitude, Michelle Morovaty With God All Things Are Possible © Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out LLC.
All rights reserved.

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