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Celebrity Concept Nowadays

Celebrity Strategies Identity.
Premodernism Man had as a primary identification manner, the name.
The name attribution offered a person the possibility of becoming known as an entity.
An individual's differentiation from the others comprises numerous other trace lines, such as: gender, age, ethnicity, character traits, social status, etc.
Therefore, the name has represented an essential point of identifying one's existence and at the same time a means of distinction against the others.
As to the sociological an anthropological studies, in the traditional societies the individual's identity was fix, solid and stable.
More exactly, the identity represented a mirroring of a beforehand established social role.
Man suffered a constraint from a myths system that he ought to respect.
A man's liberty was also limited because of other unwritten rules and dogma.
Thus, both the personal belief and behavior were suppressed.
In the past, a person was born and died being strictly struck in a fixed circle of relations.
As a result, in those times, the identity problem was simply overlooked.
As a consequence, the man in the premodern era had an identity acquired through his role as a hunter or through his position within a tribe.
The traditional man's self was emerging from the things he believed in and from those through which he existed.
The beliefs represented fundamental issues for the traditional world.
Religion was highly respected although sometimes it was imposed to the people.
Alike, the ancestors were also praised.
This strong bound with the ancient roots was often the force determining them to fight against enemies with the supreme price of their lives.

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