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Teachers are you stressed!? Learn to manage your stress reduction

An estimated thirty three percent of teachers are thought to be living their lives under too much stress, with many not realising. Teaching is a very rewarding career path, but like every coin it has more than one side! The pace of modern life is tough enough for most people, factor in the daily and weekly commitments of the teaching profession and you have a recipe for too much stress! Stress reduction and its management should therefore be an area for consideration.Some level of stress can be a good thing, and help to motivate and run your natural drive. Too much stress however is never considered a positive. Symptoms vary from headaches through to interrupted sleeping routines which in itself can cause fatigue and therefore more stress. Ranging to chronic and severe symptoms such as disease and heart failure!Irritability, restlessness, negative moods and thoughts, bad memory and marked mood swings are some of the many emotional and cognitive symptoms of living with too much stress. Do you maybe suffer from any of the following? Too little or too much sleep, back or neck pain, chest pain, sweaty hands or just sweating when not physically active, Diarrhoea? These are just some physical complaints that may be linked with high levels of stress.Of course the teaching profession is one that demands so much consistency and commitment from the teacher. Marking all hours and out of hours, early starts, noisy and restless and potentially argumentative students! It's no wonder that the teaching profession for some is considered not only a very rewarding but also highly stressful career.The causes of stress for any individual will vary with that of another. We all live relatively unique lives, attempting to squeeze different actions and results out of any one day. Our bodies and minds over the years have developed their own ways of dealing with these low levels of 'productive' stress catalysts. However there is a fine line, between thinking that you are dealing and coping with this silent monster and not.The benefits of stress reduction cannot be ignored. If too much stress is causing you any of the above symptoms or amplifying there condition, you only have to gain by conquering this crippling condition. There are many areas that you can start to look at, areas that are part of your daily routine that you may not consider a factor.Diet should be taken in to account as we all have our own control over what we digest! Some foods are thought to be a factor in increased stress levels. During the day it sensible to slowly and progressively eat little and often. Although whilst teaching requires your devotion to those in front of you. Where possible try to have a small snack every couple of hours. This will help at least form a solid base for your stress reduction program.Eating too much too quickly during one lunch hour a day will cause stress to your digestive system. Foods that are easy to digest such as fruit and vegetables during the day would be ideal. A varied supply of vitamins and minerals are known to help support all of the bodies vital functions. Staying hydrated throughout the day is also key, you cannot digest food properly without enough water, again this will cause unnecessary stress to your digestive system.Often overlooked in our ever increasing obese world, exercise remains unfortunately way down on the priority list for most people, except sports teachers of course! Consistent and regular exercise is known to help immensely with the effects of too much stress. Not only do you benefit from the time out of your hectic schedule. The release of naturally occurring endorphin compounds create a sense of well-being.When released endorphins have natural pain relieving qualities, therefore during exercise these properties can actually help to reduce levels of pain whilst minimising stress! Of course consult your physician if you suffer from any ailment that may be stopping you from exercise first.As rising levels of stress have become more prevalent, there has been a focus on the development of stress reduction programs and techniques. The modern mind is understood more clearly now and the tuning of mental capacity and the tools to do just that are increasing in popularity. The truth of the matter today is that you should not leave your stress levels unchecked. With very little outlay, it is possible to find really good stress reduction programs on the open market.Stress reduction programs that can:Help you to communicate more effectively.Lose weight quickly.Help you to strengthen your relationships.Teach you to use exercise and yoga to reduce stress.Eliminate the destructive consequences of too much stress.Prepare you for any future encounters with stress.Help you to learn how to deeply relax enabling greater productivity and much much more.Stress reduction programs have been developed with the hectic pace of life in mind. Programs that you can study at home in your own time and leisure. The major benefit teachers have once a year over most other career paths is the time to breath during the summer holidays. This time could be really well spent utilizing all of the methods discussed, enabling you to really make a difference in your life. If you started thelearning process through the holidays you would be a long way down the road before the academic year begins again.It may take a little research, however the right stress reduction programs are on the market and the benefits could, potentially repay the small costs involved one hundred times over. From better sleep to more control and energy during the working day. Better health and better relationships with unruly students and a general upsurge in the quality of your life. The permutations of positive results are virtually endless if you make the most of all of thesetools available to you today The benefits of stress reduction and its management should not be underestimated.

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