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How to nurture creativity in kinds?

How do you ensure that your kids are creatively thinking? What are the ways that will boost their imaginative skills? To get an answer read this write-up. If you ask me the definition of creative thinking, my answer would be looking at problems or situations with a new perspective. Creative thinking is important to be successful in life, and there's no doubt about it; which is why it's important that we teach kids to think creatively. Here's a rundown on activities that will help kids think ‘out-of-box'-

1)    Playing – For little ones playing is a fundamental mode of learning. Games like hide and seek where kids come up with their own rules or games that sometimes kid invent have a positive effect on their creative and imaginative skills. Word games also help kids think creatively. You can jot down a word on a sheet of paper and ask the kids to form different words from a single word. For instance, from CANCEL one can form words like CAN, ACNE etc.

2)    Creative plays - Kids can learn a lot about creativity from play-sessions. They use toys, different objects to illustrate their stories and engage in a fantasy world. Hold plays like Alice in Wonderland, Shrek etc. and ask the kids to play their favorite roles. They can also do modifications to their characters and not go by what was written in the book or shown in the movie.

3)    Short stories – Books are the best way to stimulate children's mind. Short stories for kids take the little ones as well as the adults on an imaginative voyage. These stories use everyday reality and turn it into a fantasy. Stories of characters who are undaunted by the obstacles in their path and achieve their dreams inspire kids. Kids also love those short stories that deal with friendship, fantasy and family. "Books are a uniquely portable magic." ? Stephen King, On Writing so introduce you kids to a magical world as early as possible.

4)    Play music – Instead of always having the television on, you can play music and dance with the kids. Let me tell you that kids love dance and music. You can ask them to come up with new dance steps. In addition to boosting imaginative skills, dance also helps mental and emotional development in kids; enhances

their motor skills, increases flexibility and helps develop muscles.

5)    Dress up games – Ask your kids to dress up like the characters they love. Clothes, ribbons, tiaras, hats, wands, gowns and other fun stuffs stimulate creativity.

6)    Gardening – You can spend time with your kids in garden. Ask them to plant a few saplings, play with seeds and mud. They can make different figures from mud and name them. Also, playing in the mud would connect them to nature. Ask the kids to collect leaves, twigs, flowers, pebbles, feathers and anything else that piques their fancy.

7)    Play pirates – Do your kids love pirates and their adventures? If yes, then ask them to dress up like pirates and give them treasure (which can range from chocolates to silver foils). They can hide these items in creative place and you have to find these hidden items. Ask them to be a s creative as possible

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