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Thai Spa Treatments


    • Spa treatments in Thailand are focused on the five senses. The spa itself is decorated with pale hues to create a peaceful atmosphere. Food and beverages served at a Thai spa are believed to have a positive effect on emotions. Smells in a Thai spa come from the medicinal oils and herbs used in a variety of treatments. The ambiance is further enhanced through native instrumental music that can be heard throughout the spa. A Thai massage caters to the sense of touch.

    Thai Massage

    • The Thai massage is an integral part of the spa treatment. It is a blend of Ayurvedic and Chinese healing influences aimed at balancing the body's energy. A two-hour Thai massage typically includes masseuse-guided stretching movements. The masseuse applies pressure to the body by using her hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Pressure points are connected to the energy channels that run through the body, and it is believed that massaging those points will remove blockages in the flow of energy.


    • A 30-minute full-body scrub with chocolate helps to soften skin, and the natural anti-oxidants in chocolate reduces wrinkles. The chocolate scrub is followed by a water rinse and then a milk bath. After being rinsed of the milk bath, you may be given a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, a hot stone or a four-handed massage. The entire process takes two hours.

    Body Wraps and Beauty

    • Body wraps are prepared according to your skin type and condition. Wraps are made from natural products such as turmeric, aloe, honey, kaffir lime, mud, oils, sea salt and tropical fruits or a mixture of more than one item. Many Thai spas will also provide a full range of beauty treatments including facials, hair care, manicures and pedicures. The beauty treatments are not run of the mill, as they include face, head and neck massages.

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