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The Houses of Astrology - The 12th House

The 12th house shows your unknown or hidden strengths and weaknesses.
It shows sorrow, suffering, limitations, handicaps, secrets and seclusions.
Places of confinement are shown here such as prisons (and where is our biggest prison?), institutions (hospitals etc) all places where one is hidden away (hospices, rest-homes, etc).
On a positive note it indicates ashrams, places of retreat, anywhere we can be alone and work out the mysteries of life...
Now, ask yourself "where you hold yourself back" and look to the 12th for clues for more often than you might imagine the 12th house (it's ruler and planets therein) can indicate a 'fear' of success just as much as a fear of failure! Transits or progressions to the 12th will bring to the surface those things that you've swept under the carpet or, put in the too hard basket.
It'll bring 'skeletons out the closet' as well as giving you a clue to your 'guardian angel (s)...
Sooner or later we all must face the things we fear or dwell upon no matter how trivial they may seem.
Sooner or later those things we've ignored or failed to acknowledge will surface from the deep (the abyss).
When we confront our phobias, fears and neurotic tendencies and aversions, our compulsions and delusions we are set free for the 12th house holds the key to the future just as much as it holds the key to the past.
When we 'face' or confront our fears we discover our inner strength whether we ever use this effectively is another matter for the habits we form and the habit patterns built over many 'life-times' can be very difficult to break.
Being the house of the subconscious mind, the house of accumulated emotional experiences (for the want of a better word the house of Karma) we must be careful of giving way to automatic responses, pleasure seeking or pain avoiding techniques (alcohol or drugs).
Keeping in mind the backlog (memories of a previous existence) of emotional experiences can lead to self-pity and excuse making, rather than getting on with everyday life.
We all know, at times, we can be our own worst enemy so look to the 12th and discover where you 'shoot yourself in the foot.
' Having a Piscean 'flavour' (Pisces rules the feet) it might be necessary, every so often, to 'bite your tongue' than shoot from the hip.
This is the house of sacrifices and its better if we enter the world of sacrifice voluntary rather than being forced into enduring sacrifices...
Concealed in the 12th are our secret helpers, our strengths and our visions for a better tomorrow.
Interestingly, those whom we have helped or hindered in the past (even in another life) surface in the 12th for remember just as we attract those we have harmed and those by whom we have been harmed, we also attract those whom we have helped and those who have helped us in the past.
To say the 12th house is the most complex of all would be an understatement...
Being the house of setbacks and disappointments we should explore where we've set up boundaries or limited ourselves, for it is WE who set our own limits, no one else! The 12th house asks that you let go any past dependencies and make a commitment to the future even though there may be no clear signs as to what the future might bring.
Think of it this way, the 12th house is the one before the 1st (your birth) therefore liken it to being in the womb, connected or submerged in the universe awaiting your 'birth' and a severing with the universal consciousness.
It's scary, but in being alive you survived now it's up to you to live.
To live in the light not in the dark...
Talking of prisons above think of it this way -no one is in prison paying for their crimes; they're paying for being caught! Not everyone in hospital is there because they're sick! Not everyone in an institution is there because they're mentally unstable or dangerous! And not everyone who enters an ashram, monastery place of retreat is seeking enlightenment! That's it folks, we've explained the 12 houses of Astrology now we'll look at the building blocks of Numerology.
Stay tuned for my next series of articles

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