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The Metaphysical Power Of The Runes

The runes, ancient symbols carved or painted upon wood or stone, constitute a method of divination that began many millennia ago.
The runes were employed by the early Norse peoples as well as the Germanic tribes in central Eastern Europe.
Runic symbols have been found carved on rocks dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, (c.
8000 BC - 2000 BC).
The Runes were never the basis of a spoken language, however with this set of symbols, it was possible to write most anything based on the current language of the time.
Although much of the history of the runes has been lost to us, many historians have determined that these ancient symbols were used in the practices of divination, folk magic as well as a host of other special purposes.
I first discovered the runes in the summer of 1994, and used them as a system for self counseling/divination.
I was always amazed at the accuracy of these ancient stones when I consulted them with a particular issue in mind.
It always seemed that some higher force knew just what I needed at that moment, and sent wisdom to my doorstep via the runes.
Through my journey of self healing and spiritual growth with the runes, I was guided to the path of Metaphysics.
In early 1999 I began to study New Thought and Science Of Mind teachings.
I was greatly influenced in particular by the writings of Joseph Murphy, Emmet Fox and Ernest Holmes.
Through these New Thought concepts, I began to look at such devices as the runes in a new and fascinating light.
When I first began to research the runes, many authors placed much mystical power and influence on the symbols of the runes themselves.
Some even suggested that the god's of old were still alive and well, inhabiting the runic symbols.
There was much myth and magic surrounding these ancient stones.
However, when I looked upon the runes through the lens of the metaphysical, a very different idea began to emerge.
In New Thought teachings, we are told that all things are manifestations and creations of the great Universal Mind which is God.
Each and every one of us is a part of that Higher Mind; therefore we all use the creative power of the Universal Mind in all of our life experiences.
In short, we are all one with the Divine Mind, and our thoughts are creative.
I began to see that when one employs an oracular tool such as the runes, mental energies come into play, bringing to us the wisdom and information that we seek.
One could simply look at it this way; the runes are an ancient telegraph system which can be used to call home at anytime we wish.
When we sit and concentrate upon a certain issue in our lives, we are communicating our need to the Universe through the message system.
When we draw a rune, and find that its interpretation speaks to us on a deeper level...
that is God answering back.
I would caution the reader of this article however, to stay away from any books that present dark, morbid interpretations of the runic alphabet.
Remember, when casting the runes, your mind comes into play.
You don't want to give your mind frightening, foreboding tools to work with.
In doing this, the subconscious mind will soon begin to accept the programming that the only way to traverse the spiritual path is through much hardship and trial.
You want to give your mind positive, nourishing tools to work with.
This in turn, keeps the communication line between yourself and the Great Universal Mind open and clear from all negative debris.
The Divine Universal Mind is of pure light and love; It cannot communicate through tools that impose horrific predictions or shadowy outcomes.
This is why we say in metaphysics, that Spirit cannot mingle with anything that is unlike Itself, which is pure light, love, peace, wisdom and truth.
There are plenty of good, positive rune books on the market.
Seek them out and use the metaphysical power of the runes in the way in which it should be used; to gain a higher understanding of yourself in the Universe, and to overcome adversity.
The world needs hope right now.
Many of the establishments and systems that people used to believe in are crumbling.
It seems that uncertainty is everywhere, and no one seems to know where to look for the answers.
We certainly don't need our oracular tools heaping more burning coals on our heads with dire predictions and fearful interpretations.
I would suggest that we each begin to look in the last place we were ever told to look.
And that is within ourselves.
There is a sanctuary in the soul of each individual in the world.
The still small voice of God abides in that inner sanctuary, and awaits the time when we will commune with it.
The runes, when used properly, give us a very powerful way in which to tune into that still small voice, and begin to apply its wisdom in our lives.
The runes are an invaluable gift that has been given to us by our ancient ancestors.
As I have always said, it is the purpose of any oracle to rise when it is needed most, and bring light to a new generation.
The runes are such an oracle indeed.

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