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What Are Digital Tachometers Used For?

    Going Digital

    • Digital tachometers can use a pulse that senses the revolutions of the object, resulting in a number you see in a digital readout. Digital tachometers can also use optical sensors like a laser or reflective tape to measure rotations of an object.

    Riding in the Car

    • You are probably familiar with the tachometer in your car, which measures the number of revolutions per minute (rpm) that your engine's drive shaft spins. Digital models allow you to see the rpm history for a car to help you fine-tune the car's performance.

    Big and Small

    • Digital tachometers come in different sizes and prices. Some are contact-less while others have connectors. You can find micro digital tachometers for use on model planes or harvester tachometers that are much larger.

    Sailing the Seven Seas

    • You can use a digital tachometer to counts the revolutions of a ship's propeller so you can calculate the speed your ship is traveling. For your measurement, you need to figure in the weight of the ship's cargo, weather and any barnacles or other objects that could slow the speed.

    Flying through the Clouds

    • On an airplane, you can use a digital tachometer like Horizon Instruments' P-1000. Like many standard tachometers, this digital model uses warning indicators to let you know when the engine's revolutions are malfunctioning.

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