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How to Pierce Your Bellybutton at Home

    • 1). Prepare yourself before you undertake this task. Read all instructions and gather all materials you will need in advance. Wash your hands and put on sterile gloves. Clean the belly button area with alcohol and clean cotton balls and use the marker to make a dot where you want the piercing to go -- both the insertion point at the top and the piercing opening at the bottom.

    • 2). Clamp the piercing area, keeping the skin taut. Double check the placement of the marking. Push the needle through the entry and exit points you have marked. Insert the needle with even pressure and at a steady speed. Put the starter set or jewelry onto the needle and push all the way through. Remove the needle and clasp the jewelry to keep it in place.

    • 3). Clean your newly-pierced belly button area with soap and water several times a day. Q-tips can be used to clean underneath the jewelry. Use antibacterial soap, and avoid touching and pulling on the jewelry. Allow air to reach your piercing, which will stimulate the healing process. Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid snagging your piercing.

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