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Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Soft Drinks

With summer incoming, soft drink companies have started their roles.
From cricket matches to soccer games to daily TV soaps, soft drinks are advertised in the midst of each event or show.
But a few are aware of the adverse effect of soft drinks.
Here are a few reasons which may help you to give a second thought while you are purchasing a soft drink next time: Increase Blood Sugar Level and Body Fat For those with a high blood sugar level, it can cause you serious harm.
In a single can of soda, an equivalent amount of 10 teaspoons of sugar is added.
Such a huge proportion of sugar, especially in liquid form, immediately increases the blood sugar level and leads to an insulin reaction in the body.
And for those who may think that they are safe since they have a normal blood sugar level, regular consumption can lead to diabetes or insulin resistance, and also additional issues like weight gain and other health problems.
It may be noted as a fact that soft drink companies are the largest user of sugar in the country.
Contain Phosphoric Acid Another one of the components in soda is phosphoric acid, which happens to interfere with our body's ability to absorb calcium, which in turn can lead to osteoporosis, cavities and softening of bones.
Phosphoric Acid also reacts with stomach acid, causing slow digestion as well as blocks nutrient absorption.
Mystery of Diet Soda People get attracted to soft drinks when they listen to the term Diet Soda.
But in reality, it is much more dangerous than regular soft drinks.
In such sodas, there is no sugar, but aspartame is used as a substitute ingredient for sugar, which proves to be more harmful.
Aspartame has been proved to be responsible for almost a hundred different health problems, some of them being seizures, multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, and emotional disorders.
It converts to methanol at warm temperatures and methanol breaks down to form two more harmful components formaldehyde and formic acid.
Sodas with aspartame also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, which leads to belly fat, high blood sugar and increase in the level of blood cholesterol.
Contain Caffeine We all have come across the word caffeine.
Most of the sodas available in the market contain caffeine, which has been proved to be the source of certain cancers, breast lumps, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and other problems.
Considering the content of sugar, sodium and caffeine in soda, it is held responsible for dehydration of the body and regular consumption for a long period of time can lead to chronic dehydration.
High Fructose Corn Syrup Another major harmful component found in soda and soft drinks is High Fructose Corn Syrup, which obviously comes from corn.
The issue with this corn is that most of it has been genetically modified, and genetically modified corns are found to be unsafe.
In fact, the process of making High Fructose Corn Syrup involves traces of mercury, which leads to a variety of longterm health problems.
No Nutritional Value Last but not the least, the simple reason to avoid soda is that it has no nutritional value.
It is simply consumed without any reason.
Or some may claim that the reason is to quench their thirst on a hot summer day.
Well, if we choose soda over water to quench our thirst, then we would be called the biggest fools, since we are paying and causing harm to our own body.

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