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What Kind of Slipcovers Can You Use on a Couch With Pillows?


    • The most common types of slipcovers to use with pillows include ready-made, semi-custom and custom. Ready-made are the least expensive and are designed for use with a T-shaped pillow or two pillows. Semi-custom slipcovers allow for a bit more individuality. They are made from measurements taken by the homeowner and are only for standard-size couches or pieces of furniture. Custom slipcovers are made to order for a couch of any size and are the most expensive type of slipcover.


    • Slipcovers are available in several types of fabrics. Choose carefully a slipcover not only to blend in with your decor but also for durability, depending upon usage. Cotton is a good choice that is lightweight and adds a casual feel whereas corduroy and denim are two good choices for high-traffic areas, such as with pets or children. Synthetic suede offers a more luxurious look without all the maintenance of true suede while slipcovers made of twill have a distinctive raised pattern that is good for incorporating texture into a room. For large or odd-shaped sofas, a stretch fabric works well. Stretch fabrics are a combination of spandex and polyester. For a high-end look, chintz, damask and faux leather are good options when placed in rooms with low traffic.


    • The color selection of slipcovers runs the gamut from bright colors to plaids and stripes, which makes coordinating the covers in any décor easy. Use a neutral, muted color like tan, gray or white to draw more attention to the pillows. To make the slipcover the focus of the design, use a floral or striped slipcover paired with matching solid pillows.


    • Before purchasing a slipcover, read the manufacturer's instructions for care. Most slipcovers are machine washable, making them a more worthwhile investment. Determine the look you want from your slipcover before making a decision. A straight-skirted slipcover, for example, is a good option for a contemporary look. To create a casual look, denim and corduroy are good options or for a feminine or delicate look, use a ruffled slipcover.

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