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How to Make Portable Pig Pens

    • 1). Lay your wire on saw horses. Pull out 8 foot of fencing and cut it off using your wire cutters. Cut four lengths at 8 feet apiece.

    • 2). Choose an 8-foot-by-8-foot area for your pig pen. Lay your floor fencing in this area. Place one of the fence posts at one corner of the floor fencing and hammer it into the ground. Hammer it until 2 feet have gone into the ground, leaving 4 feet exposed.

    • 3). Hold one of your 8-foot pieces of wire to the post. Stretch it out straight with a helper holding the other end. Cut off a 4-inch piece of tie wire with your wire cutters. Tie the fence to the post at the top using the tie wire.

    • 4). Continue tying the fence to the post with 4-inch tie wire, spreading your tie wire about 3 inches from the last tie. Tie all the way down to the bottom of the post to hold your fence onto the post.

    • 5). Pull the attached fence piece as far as you can stretch it. Place your next post at the end of its limit, which should be at another corner of your floor fencing. Hammer the second post into the ground at this corner.

    • 6). Attach the second fence end to the post using the same tie wire method used earlier. Tie a new piece of fence to this post and pull it along the next side of the pen. Pound a third post into the ground at the third corner of the floor fencing and tie this second end of the second piece to the third post.

    • 7). Finish the walls of the pen by repeating the process described above with the third side, fourth post and fourth side. Tie the fourth side to the original post to create a four-sided 8-by-8 pig pen.

    • 8). Lay your two-by-fours on the saw horse and cut them into two pieces. Split them into two pieces a piece that measure 5 feet and 7 feet, leaving you with two of each size.

    • 9). Place your 5-foot board at one corner of your pen on the outside. Drive it 1 foot into the ground with your sledge hammer. Drive you 7-foot board 1 foot into the ground directly opposite the first board.

    • 10

      Repeat this board placing process with your other two pieces. Place the second 5-foot board on the same side as the other 5-foot board.

    • 11

      Lay your paneling on your saw horse and drill quarter-inch holes at each of the corners of the paneling. Make sure to make them evenly spaced from each side of the paneling.

    • 12

      Place your paneling on the two-by-four boards. Screw the paneling into place through the holes you drilled earlier to make a slanted roof.

    • 13

      Cut a 2-foot-by-2-foot square out of the bottom of your pen on one side. Leave one side uncut so that it is still attached to the fencing. Hold it back to leave room for your pigs to enter the pen. Tie it shut with tie wire to keep them in the pen.

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