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Instructions for the Brake Controller in a Kelsey Electric Trailer

    • 1). Find a location for the brake controller that is within reach of the driver and an easy spot to run wires to the driver foot-well.

    • 2). Hold the mounting bracket in this location and secure to the dashboard with the drill and two short screws. Fasten the brake controller to the mounting bracket with the two provided side screws.

    • 3). Run the blue wire from the controller along one side of the vehicle to the rear cargo compartment. You can hide the wire by pushing it between the carpet and plastic interior panels.

    • 4). Fasten the blue wire to the trailer harness blue wire using a butt connector. Place one stripped wire in each end of the connector and compress with pliers. Wrap the connection with electrical tape to make it water resistant.

    • 5). Run the red wire from the brake controller to the vehicle brake pedal switch, which is a small black box located behind the pedal and has a switch on one end. Join the red wire to the pedal switch wire using a Scotchlok connector: Place one wire in each groove and lock the gate. This forces a metal blade into both wires creating the connection.

    • 6). Locate the round, black rubber grommet that is in the firewall, usually located in the driver's foot-well. Cut a small hole in the center of this grommet with a knife.

    • 7). Pass the black wire and white wire through this hole. Open the hood of the vehicle and guide the wires along the edge of the engine bay to the battery.

    • 8). Strip 1/4-inch of insulation off the black wire and white wire with the wire stripper. Loosen the terminals on the battery, slide the black wire under the positive terminal and the white wire under the negative terminal and refasten the terminals.

    • 9). Secure the loose wires with cable ties being sure to not interfere with the pedals or the engine operation.

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