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Evaluation and Management of Male Infertility

´╗┐Evaluation and Management of Male Infertility


The advancements of present day medical technology have afforded infertile men with a notably improved prognosis for biological paternity. For many years, azoospermic and severely oligospermic men were offered donor sperm or adoption as their only options for parenthood. However, the realization that viable sperm may still be retrieved in these men, in combination with advances in ART, has made it possible for these individuals to conceive, revolutionizing the field of male infertility in the process. Nevertheless, the technology represented is still relatively new, and researchers are far from reaching a consensus regarding the safety and long-term outcomes of procedures such as ICSI. Given the notable risks involved, it remains advisable for couples considering ART to receive comprehensive genetic counseling prior to deciding on a plan of action. Ultimately, the technology at hand serves to provide these couples with a new hope and the opportunity to start a family, which when considering the issues involved, may prove to be well worth the risk.

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