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How to Type Ns With Tildes

    Use Alt-Codes

    • 1). Place your cursor into a text box, text window or text field.

    • 2). Hold down "Alt" and type "0209" on your keyboard's numberpad to create an "'". Only the numberpad will work, not the numbers above the keyboard.

    • 3). Hold down "Alt" and type "0241" on the numberpad to create an "ñ."

    Use International Keyboard

    • 1). Click the "Start" button on your Windows 7 desktop. Select the "Control Panel" from the list of options.

    • 2). Click the "Clock, Language, and Region" heading in the control panel. On the next page, click "Change keyboards or other input methods" to open up the "Region and Language" window. Click the "Change Keyboards."

    • 3). Click the "Add" button on the right side of the window that appears. Scroll down the list of languages until you reach "English (United States.) Click the "+" next to this option to expand it.

    • 4). Click the empty box next to "United States-International" and click "OK." Click "OK" twice more and then click the "X" to close the control panel.

    • 5). Click the small keyboard icon that appeared on your taskbar at the bottom right corner of your screen. Choose "United States-International" from the list.

    • 6). Place your cursor into a text box or text field. Press the tilde key and then immediately type "n"or "N" to create "ñ"or "'," respectively.

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