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Getting Your Timing Right - How to Make Him Commit Without Scaring Him Away

Have you been seeing a great guy and you want to make him commit before the opportunity passes away? Have you tried to make guys commit in the past, only to have them bail out on you at the first opportunity? Do you worry that you'll never learn the right way to keep a man by your side and fully invested in the relationship? Every woman has faced these dilemmas at one time or another, but the good news is that you can make him commit to you, if you get your timing right.
Softly Softly It may go against the grain, but the number one reason that men get scared and refuse to commit to a relationship is that the woman has moved too fast.
Men avoid pressure like poison, so if you find yourself tempted to talk about cohabitation, marriage and children after three dates, learn to control yourself.
The rule of thumb when it comes to make him commit is that you need to go at exactly the pace he's comfortable with, no more, no less.
Don't discuss feelings unless he brings it up first.
Don't talk about future plans until he mentions the subject.
This can take a lot of nerve and patience, but it will pay dividends in the end.
Whilst you're waiting for him to catch up with you, there are plenty of practical things you can be doing.
Show Him That You're Worth A Commitment A man will always commit to a woman who's worth committing to, so you need to become that woman.
How do you do that? By continuing to lead a full and fascinating life outside the relationship.
Men don't want clingy women, or at least the ones you should be with don't.
They want independent, intelligent and confident women.
Continue to do your thing, and show him that he can be part of this wonderful thing that is your life, if he's prepared to make a commitment.
Focus His Mind Without piling on the pressure, you need to let him know that you're ready and willing to make a commitment to him, but you won't wait around forever.
Part of that comes from continuing to lead your own life.
If he's yet to grant you exclusive dating rights, perhaps you should withdraw exclusive dating rights from him and date a couple of other guys too.
It's matching his pace, after all.
In the end, the prospect of a good thing slipping through his fingers will be more than enough to make him commit, if he's the right man for you.

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