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How to Use Aquarium Vines

    • 1). Select the appropriate vine for your tank. Choose a vine that will thrive in your saltwater or freshwater tank and grow based on the amount of light provided the tank. Select vines that will grow to an adequate size for your tank, while not growing too large. Popular aquarium vines include floating philodendron and moneywort.

    • 2). Order the vine starts from a reliable retailer or purchase them at an aquarium supply store. Buy small starts that require more care to grow or fully grown plants that are already established.

    • 3). Grow the vine start in a separate container of aquarium water for a few days and watch for signs of small snails growing on the leaves. If you see snails, do not place the vine in your aquarium as snails are fast breeders and can quickly take over your tank.

    • 4). Place the vine in the aquarium and anchor the roots in substrate. Place it in a corner or near a wall of the aquarium. This allows the fish to use the vine as shelter.

    • 5). Monitor the health and growth of the vine and provide it with the appropriate amount of sunlight. Be sure to keep all the parts of the vine submerged in the tank. Observe the oxygen levels of the tank as the vine is used to further oxygenate the water.

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