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Seals in Scandinavia

Is it true that seals are hunted in Scandinavia? Yes, unfortunately. Both Norway and Sweden allow seal hunting.

So how do we keep seals in Scandinavia? The conservation of the seal's natural, nutritional foods is essential. At the present time, there are four types of seals which most likely won't survive considerably longer and should be more protected. They're at risk of vanishing forever by simply staying in their natural habitat.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries, including several Scandinavian countries, have implemented seal conservation measures which make it to be illegal to kill seals.

Regrettably, within the United Kingdom and some of the Scandinavian countries you will find exceptions to these measures. For example, travelers in Norway often find it upsetting to hear that professional fishing companies in the region continue to be permitted to kill seals when the seals are disturbing their fisheries. Do you think this should be stopped? Although in many parts seal populations continue to be on the rise, they're doing it in a much reduced rate these days. How long until the number of seals starts to decline again?

The Gray Seal:

The gray seal is at home in many Nordic locations but you will also find that a lot of gray seals moved from Scandinavia and made the United Kingdom their home. About 36 percent of gray seals' around the globe population reside in the United Kingdom today.

That puts the United Kingdom in a place where it has the ability to display to the world how you can save this species. You will find roughly 120,000 gray seals in the region, and many more of you extend the search area to the Scandinavian countries. These amounts did have a nose dive when a virus in 1993 killed one out of every three seals, eating away at the seal population. Following the virus' destruction of a lot of seals in 1993, the United Kingdom decided to rule it illegal for anybody to kill a seal. Since that time, with the increase in seal numbers, anglers are once again permitted to cull seal.

However, there is not just the gray seal. You will find several colors from black to creamy whiten on seals in Scandinavia and the U.K. They seals are normally 2.3 meters in length for males, and 1.8 meters for the females. The world's largest seal populations are found in Canada, the Baltic Ocean and Scandinavia.

The Most Popular Seal:

The most popular seal is also called the harbor seal. The amounts of harbor seals is a lot smaller than that of the gray seals, with only around 55,000 within the United Kingdom. With so few seals being present within a country as large as the United Kingdom, there is a desire for seal conservation. More and more people feel the need of doing something about the unconditional killing of seals in Northern Europe. The most popular seal lives a hard existence, since it is a primary food source for killer whales and sharks.

Another danger for seals is getting caught in nets cast by local fisheries. Special nets ought to be used which could easily avoid the deaths of hundreds of seals each year.

These days, it is crucial that everybody band together to safeguard seals. In Canada, the yearly search for seals keeps growing while seal numbers continually deteriorate. Within Scandinavia and northern Europe, there's still much to become done.

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