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Short Term Car Insurance For Holiday Travel

If you will be borrowing or renting a vehicle to take a holiday by car, you can probably expect to pay outrageous insurance fees.
Motorists in need of vehicle insurance for these situations now have a new option available online.
Through this online alternative, you are able to purchase short term auto insurance for a period of time, from one day up to twenty eight days.
This temporary insurance is available for cars or vans through a variety of online companies.
A keyword search using terms such as: day insurance, temporary car insurance, or short term car insurance, or simply typing in the company website address, will allow you to find their websites.
The insurance can be prepared and paid for online, with the opportunity to print the policy right on your home printer.
While covered under this temporary insurance, a claim will not affect the annual policy of the vehicle owner, as this is a completely individual policy.
Coverage in the event that you should break down is also included with your short term auto insurance known as an uninsured loss recovery policy.
Whether using this in the UK or in Europe, this benefit is especially advantageous.
You can extend your temporary coverage to include other borrowed automobiles, and be covered for travel to France or other locations in Europe.
If your own vehicle does not afford enough room for your holiday travel, this auto insurance option will come in quite handy.
It is perfectly acceptable to add a trailer or caravan if need be.
Be sure to investigate your insurance options thoroughly, for although these types of insurance are basically fully comprehensive, if your plans include driving abroad, the comprehensive coverage needs to be verified.
Most of these insurers will allow coverage if you have held a UK or European drivers license for at least twelve months, without claims of your fault for three years, and less than six points against your license.
Each company is different, however, and the automobiles that they will insure, and their criteria for coverage will vary.
When your holiday plans include borrowing or renting a car, you can find comfort in the fact that the fully comprehensive coverage of your short term auto insurance, will protect your annual insurance no claims discount if you should happen to have a claim.

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