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Make My Own Website - How Can I Make a Website Easily For Free?

To make my own website I needed to first educate myself on the process and skills required to build a website.
It is not that scary: At first, this seemed to be a scary proposition, but once I had the necessary tools, and began to learn how to use them, the fear quickly fell away and I suddenly became more confident in my abilities.
It became clear very early on that although building websites can be time consuming, tedious, and complicated, it does not have to be.
It is really quite straightforward to build a simple 3-5 page website-you do not have to get fancy.
Most people would rather not have a lot of annoying, "in your face" graphics on a websites anyway.
Visitors are often more attracted by simple, nice-looking websites full of concise, relevant content than by flashy websites full of moving graphics and pop-ups and noise.
Personally, I find it very annoying when I am searching for information on a website and suddenly get bombarded with flashy ads or irrelevant content.
This is part of the reason I realized that I can make my own website easily, and it will often be more appreciated by visitors than bigger, flashier websites.
Even some of the top marketers out there prefer to use simple, clean, to-the-point websites that are not overly-crammed with fancy graphics and intrusive sales copy that pressures you to buy, or opt-in.
They take this approach because they know that most potential customers prefer this, and every smart marketer knows that a happy customer is a returning customer.
WYSIWYG editor: By the way, WYSIWYG simply stands for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, which simply means whatever you type, you see on the screen.
HTML is the computer code used for websites to be seen through browsers.
So this software is designed for people like you and me that are not website designers with HTML programming skills.
It is actually EASY..
and fun too: So after I downloaded the free software, which you can access freely online, I got to work learning how to use the features.
I was surprised at just how quickly and easily I was able to learn enough basic skills to make my own website.
The software is free, the skills required took just a couple hours to learn, and I had a website created and ready to upload to my hosting account before the day was over.
And guess what else: I actually had fun doing it! Now, I have no fear of creating websites.
After being terrified for months of the expense, the technical training, and the skills I would need to have to make my own website, I was able to overcome this fear and actually enjoy the process, in less than a day.
With the help of an already experienced marketer who, himself just a couple short years ago, learned the same skills, I was able to start on the road to becoming an experienced marketer also.

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