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Ionized Water, Solution to the Steep Costs of both Bottled and Tap Water

More and more consumers “in the know” are beginning to turn to ionized water as their solution to the steep health costs of both bottled and tap water. Savvy consumers now know that the bisphenol A and polyethylene terephthalate found in plastic water bottles are contaminating the earth and our bodies with poisonous toxins.

Tap water isn’t much better; the Environmental Working Group discovered that 16 million Americans drink tap water containing dangerous amounts of lead, benzene and radon. Many are concluding that ionized water is the best way to protect our health from the dangers that bottled and tap water present.

Where do I purchase ionized water?
Clearly ionized water isn’t available through our municipal water supplies nor are we able to obtain it from our neighborhood grocery store. Instead, water becomes ionized when it’s run through a filtration process that uses electrolysis to ionize the water.

So, how does it work?
Once an ionized water filtration system is installed in the home or office, it will run basic tap water over positive and negative electrodes, charging the water and making ionized water readily available whenever thirst strikes. This allows consumers to provide loved ones with a healthier glass of drinking water. It also allows businesses to brew countless pots of coffee for its employees and clients with the healthful, ionized water.

In addition, ionized water is a natural antioxidant and detoxifier. The detoxification properties of ionized water are especially important as the earth that sustains us, the air we breathe, and water we drink continues to grow increasingly toxic.

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