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Psychic Powers Which Help Solve Crimes

There are some people that do not believe in psychic powers or that one person is capable of knowing and sensing things that other people cannot see, hear, or touch.
Thank goodness the police have realized there are people who have powers that cannot be explained but can definitely be helpful.
Psychic help for the police can sometimes be the only way that a crime is solved.
Sometimes in cases of psychic help for the police the person that has a psychic ability will have a dream or will sense the presence of someone or something that alerts them to a crime and to details of the crime.
The person receiving these messages will report what they felt or dreamed so the police can follow up on the information and see if it is accurate.
Some of these professional mediums are even called by the police when they have a case that they are having difficulty solving or when they have a case like the ones the psychic has provided help for in the past.
The only problem that seems to occur with psychic help for the police is the fact that a psychic cannot always make themselves see or find things.
Sometimes they are relying on information they are receiving from people who are dead.
Sometimes it is the victim and sometimes it is just someone connected to the victim.
It can frustrate the psychic when they want to find a missing child or they want to find who murdered someone and they are not making connections.
There are many different ways that these talented people perform their tasks and the police departments generally keep the identity and the fact that they are consulting a psychic a secret from the media.
This is done for the most part to protect the psychic and to protect the victims family.
Many times a psychic can help the police find missing children while they are still alive and unharmed.
When a child is missing the police use every available source or tool they have to find the child quickly before it can come to any harm.
The psychic usually likes to come in quietly so they can concentrate on the child that is missing and not be distracted by the energy of others.
Some psychics say their biggest frustration lies with the fact that when the dead come to tell you something their perception of time is very different from our perception of time so it is often hard to determine exactly when something occurred.

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