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Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

When you're interested in learning the guitar, you have two major options to pick from: acoustic or electric. And while both types of guitars provide their own, unique sound, acoustics are the more classical version, and are therefore recommended for beginners who've never touched this sort of instrument before. Once you get used to playing on an acoustic guitar, you can move on to electric models if that's where your interests lie.

Plus, an acoustic guitar is significantly cheaper than an electric model of the same class, due to the inherently included electronics and other expensive components inside an electric guitar. You'll need some additional equipment to play an electric guitar as well, such as an amplifier - without that, you won't get any sound out of your guitar!

Choosing your first acoustic guitar can be a tricky ordeal. On one hand, you don't want to spend too much money on it as you'll likely be looking for a replacement sooner or later. On the other, investing in a quality entry-level guitar can have a huge benefit on your learning speed and ease, and it will make it much more comfortable for you to adapt to some more complicated techniques. When you have a good degree of reliability from your guitar, you will be able to experiment on it much more freely, which in turn will reflect on your learning progress and the variety of techniques that you pick up.

While some will argue that you should always inspect your future guitar in person, this isn't always the case. Especially today, when Internet guitar stores are becoming more and more advanced, it can be a great option to do your shopping online. Even for a first guitar, you should be able to find plenty of attractive deals on the Internet, and you won't have to worry about the reliability of the products you're buying.

That is, as long as you pay attention to two aspects. First, you should get a guitar from a quality manufacturer - there are some popular brand names on the market which have established themselves as a synonym for outstanding reliability, and those should be your primary focus.

Second, you'll want to get your guitar from a reliable store, one where you won't have to wonder whether they're actually selling you the brand that they're claiming on their website. It's very easy to verify the legitimacy of an online guitar store as long as you're at least a little bit savvy with the Internet, so spend a little time on that and you should have nothing to worry about.

Make sure you pay attention to the store's return policy and other similar details! If you're not happy with your purchase, you may not always be able to return your guitar as easily as you'd wish, and sometimes you may have to provide a very specific reason for doing so. You can learn all about that at the website where you're buying your new guitar from, so go online and look up their terms and conditions.

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