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Copywriting Secrets - 5 Easy Steps To Killer Squeeze Page Copy

If you're planning to create a landing page for your website, you'd need killer copy to convert your visitors into subscribers or buyers.
So here are 5 easy steps to exploding your conversion rates with killer landing page copy: 1.
Use 'Explosive' Colors
Colors like red do generate a greater response than other colors from my testing.
Some marketers have had success with blue and grey, but if you want to grab attention right away, red is a good bet.
Use Proper Formatting
Arial is the easiest font to read online.
Verdana is the next easiest.
For headlines, Tahoma and Impact are good choices to create attractive attention-grabbing headlines.
Write A Killer Headline
The right headline should comprise of no more than 20 words to achieve maximum effectivness.
Too long, and your headline will sound too long-winded.
Too short, and it won't excite your prospect enough.
Include your key benefit, your number one benefit, in your headline.
Observe how others write their headlines and take notes.
Create An Opt-In Form
An Opt-In form can be in the form of a 'Johnson's Box', a jagged box designed to look like a coupon.
Here, you should include your opt-in form generated from within your autoresponder account.
Put A Time-Sensitive Element On Your Page
Create limited quantities of your offer or offer a free bonus for a limited time only.
This will increase your conversion rates by leaps and bounds.
There you have it; 5 easy steps to creating your own squeeze page that generates leads for you round the clock.

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