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Domestic Violence Self Help - Expecting Respect is Essential to Stop the Cycle of Abuse

Learning domestic violence self help techniques is the best thing that men, women, or children can do when faced with abuse in the home.
Since the perpetrators are unlikely to change on their own, it is up to the victims to take matters into their own hands to stop the cycle of abuse.
This is not a pattern that will be easy to stop at first, since the victims have to learn to respect themselves enough to require respect from their abusers.
Many times, they have to be taught what respect and disrespect looks like in tangible terms, along with practical steps and words to use, in order to effect change.
Victims need mentors and information to teach them how to take back control of their lives again.
A New Way of Life through Domestic Violence Self Help For victims of domestic violence, they have been trained by their early life and their life with their abusers that they do not deserve to be treated with respect.
They do not have the tools that they need in order to stand up to their abusers rather than engaging them, and thus they unwittingly escalate the cycle of abuse.
Domestic violence self help teaches these victims how to say "no," state the inappropriate behavior that the abusers do, and remove themselves from the situation.
By utilizing domestic violence self help strategies, victims are empowered, many for the first time in their lives.
Although it is difficult, they begin to see that the steps they take are creating consequences for their abusers, rather than 'rewarding' them with fear and subjugation.
By learning how to be clear about the inappropriate behavior and walking away from the abusers, victims of domestic violence can teach their abusers that their behavior is unacceptable.
This leaves them without anyone on which to unleash their anger, and they are forced to deal with it themselves.
Victims usually need not only the explanation behind abusers' actions, but also explicit scenarios that demonstrate critical strategies to help them stop the abuse for good.
By applying these strategies, they can end the cycle of abuse.

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