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About Nusa Dua


    • Geographical map of Nusa Dua, Bali

      Nusa Dua is on the Indonesian island paradise of Bali in Southeast Asia. Tucked away on Bali's southeastern peninsula, Nusa Dua is surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean on three sides. The actual resort area of Nusa Dua does not cover the entire peninsula; it actually only makes up the tip.

      Located 40 kilometers from Bali's capital city of Denpasar and the nearest airport, one must take a bus, taxi or boat to get to Nusa Dua.


    • The Suharto government planned Nusa Dua in the 1980s. With the expansion of Bali tourism, it saw an opportunity to take an undeveloped peninsula and turn it into a first-class resort area that could be easily controlled, both in terms of access and in terms of resources.

      Large Western resorts bought land in Nusa Dua and built a safe and clean tourist enclave on the tip of the peninsula, making it what it is today.


    • Surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, most of Nusa Dua's resorts are right on the beach. Since the beaches in Nusa Dua are so high end, they are kept in good condition year-round and offer a wide variety of water sports, including snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing.

      Dreamland Beach is a famous surf spot in Nusa Dua, with good-sized waves year-round. Another famous spot is Pulau Penyu, which means "turtle island." As an animal conservation area, Pulau Penyu has a nice collection of birds, bats, Komodo dragons, snakes and turtles.


    • Like the rest of Indonesia, the climate in Nusa Dua is tropical. Year-round the weather is hot and humid, with a drier heat in the summer months than in the winter months. While rain is a constant on Nusa Dua, the fall and winter are far wetter and hotter than the summer and spring.


    • Unlike most of Indonesia, the water in the Nusa Dua resort enclave is safe to drink. Also, electricity is constant. However, Nusa Dua does cater to the rich and one must have enough money to stay in one of the five-star hotels.

      Also, come prepared with enough rupiahs, the local currency, so you can tip the servers and pay for any excursions not provided by the resort.

      When shopping, Nusa Dua is like any other Southeast Asian country; haggling is expected and can significantly reduce the price of anything from snorkeling gear to a souvenir.

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